Through the eye of the needle ?

Lopamudra Misra
2 min readMay 11, 2022

I am sure many of us have come across this verse “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”.

What exactly it mean ?

According to one tradition, the “eye of the needle” referred to a narrow gate in the wall of Jerusalem. It was so narrow that a camel could not pass through it unless it got down on its knees, had its load removed from its back, and then crawled through.

Does it have any meaning today ?

In this complex and disruptive world, what I have sensed and seen is that we are disconnected from our inner self and that manifest in frustration, in the feeling of being stuck and at times questioning our very existence.

When I heard this verse, it struck a chord in me.

What came up for me is that, Now is the time for me pass through the “eye of the needle”

In order to embrace new future possibilities, to catalyse a profound change in myself and in others around me and, to make a leaderful impact, one need to learn to cross the threshold.

What is that we need to do ?

To cross the threshold, we should be willing to unload and let go — let go the baggage of illusions, fear, beliefs, drama’s in one’s life, our ego-self. Basically willing to let go of any behaviour which has outgrown its usefulness.

I have been in this journey of crossing the threshold. There is a long way to go. My experience is that it is not easy to shed the old patterns and embrace something new and yet it is not possible. There has been temptations to fall back into the old self, old patterns. It is a journey of overcoming my inner challenges in this disruptive world and there has been breakdowns in the way. And Yes, intentional and deliberate practices to become aware and let go of my old self have led to breakthroughs which have altered the path of my life.

What is that you would like to let go to cross that threshold and step into the magical world of the endless new possibilities?




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