Journey of a coach as a coaching client

Lopamudra Misra
2 min readNov 16, 2020


Few days ago, I was in a coaching session where I was the coaching client. I was in a dilemma on a certain aspect of my life. I planned to take the help of a coach to find me a way forward. During our conversation, the coach asked me Where do you see yourself doing 5 years hence? “. Few minutes into our conversation, I had this coaching aha moment — a moment of awakening. I would reckon that it was one of my best coaching conversations in a long time.

We have lot of articles, books on how a coach should hold a coaching conversation. I always used to wonder what happens when the tables are turned and a coach is a coaching client.

Based on my experience, I would like to share my take on this aspect.

Setting aside your coach hat -

When we are in the coaching client seat, we need to let go of our own coaching instinct. We can always coach ourselves. However, if we have come to a coach as a coaching client to find a way forward , lets just be that — coaching client.

Be your authentic self

If we want the best outcome from a coaching conversation, it is imperative that we are our authentic self , be open and candid in our conversation with the coach.

Trust the process

At times, we might be thinking in our conversation “What’s happening”? It has happened with me many a times. At that moment- letting go of our perceptions, judgement and cynicism is key. Just as we trust our doctor and the medical process and go with the flow, we need to trust the coach and the coaching process to get the best possible results.

Of course, all these happen when the coach hold the space and at the same time create a safe, trusting environment for us to reflect, think and find our way forward.

We all know that coaching is a partnership between coach and the client for the client to accomplish extraordinary results. That partnership can help produce the best of outcomes and help the client to move forward if there is a balance between the two. Mind you — if we want the coach to take us through a creative, thought provoking process, we need to give that person the space too.

I know it is not an easy process when a coach is a coaching client and I can tell you at times, my coaching instinct have come out. However the outcome has not been great.

We all need a coach in our life to move forward and this quote from Bill Gates sums it all.

What has been your experience as a coaching client ?



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