A heartfelt Gratitude

Lopamudra Misra
3 min readJul 28, 2022


“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”. Said John F Kennedy and the reality is more often than not, we fail to do it.

A few years ago, I was traveling to the UK for my long-term work assignment. A day before my travel, I had this conversation with a senior leader. After exchanging pleasantries, he asked if I had any questions for him. I replied “Yes” and then went on to ask, “I want to know how much of lies I have to tell?” He looked at me in shock. To clarify further, I told him “I understand, that in a management role one needs to be a diplomat and there is an element of grey in it, especially in client location. So, I wanted to check with you What is your expectation from me?”. His reply was “You be your honest self and you will always have my back”.

I am so glad that I had this conversation with that leader. The initial few months in the UK were a roller coaster ride. As I was finding my way, I was thankful that I had the leadership team to back me up. It did boost my confidence and I had some outstanding results during that time.

In my life, there have been many people who e influenced and helped me shape the person that I am today. Many times, I have taken people and their support for granted. My dad has been my first mentor and the greatest influencer in my life. Starting from teaching me how to ride a bicycle, to driving my car, to instilling the confidence in me to aim for the skies, he has guided me in every step of my life. When he is no longer with us, I regret every moment of my life for not thanking him enough when he was alive. I always ask myself, “what stopped me from thanking him when he was there? “

Friends, do you agree that people do not always share the appreciation they feel for those they care about? In fact, some researchers from the University of Chicago conducted a series of experiments and concluded that below are some of the potential barriers to conveying appreciation:

1. Assuming that our gratitude is known to the recipient

2. A perception that in expressing our thanks, we will come across as incompetent and awkward

3. Underestimating the positive impact of our expression of gratitude on the recipients’ mood

All the above seems to be valid reasons. Yet on the positive side, research by U.S. psychologists Sara Algoe and Baldwin Way indicates that gratitude also can lead to better relationships

Dear Friends, life is very short and unpredictable. I would urge you to think of all the people Who are making a difference in your life right now? Have you thanked them enough? If not, reach out and thank them before it is too late.

Heartfelt gratitude is all that they want.





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